Barnard Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (BCD) is a coalition of Columbia University students, faculty, and community members dedicated to divesting our endowments from the fossil fuel industry. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter, or reach us at

Recent past: thank you for supporting our Earth University event earlier this semester where we ‘brought climate justice to Columbia’s core!’

Also, Columbia’s Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing voted not to recommend fossil fuel divestment to the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 13. You can see their report here. A response statement from BCD is forthcoming.

To support us:

  • Sign our petition and share it as widely as possible:
  • Please send the following link to faculty members to sign a statement of support for divestment:
  • Get in contact with us at to learn more, join the group, or share ideas about how to further the climate justice struggle.

Thank you and have a great summer! Also get in touch if you want to join our summer reading group, where members read the same book and talk about it via conference call…it’s a political-education blast.